Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Do you know what I did last raya?

11 Shawwal 1428

I did a lot of things of course, and I am not going to tell them all. But I will show you some of the faces I have met. Starting on the day before the Hari Raya, I met this person at his 'hometown' Bukit Goh.

I can't recall exactly when was my last (prior to this one) visit to Bukit Goh, but if I were to take my best guess, it has to be 1993. A year or two before I got married. So, I took the opportunity to stop and snap a foto of this place. The place I named 'Paya Batman'. I was informed, the name remains till today. Too bad, the water condition does not.

In the afternoon of Hari Raya, I went to this man's place. He is currently staying in Kuantan but Dungun is his hometown. I did called some other friends in Dungun but mostly celebrating Hari Raya in their 'Branch Hometown'.

Later, we visited another friend's place. Well... actually... I met him the day before but that was not Hari Raya .. I figured. His wife is expecting another child. It has to be very soon... judging from the size.

On Sunday, I went off to Pasir Puteh... my hometown. I called a friend to arrange a 'get together' session. He supposed to get other friends within the area to join us but for some reason, none can (including him) make it. But I managed to get hold of two friends and we had our own 'Raya' at Jerteh. This friend asked me to stay as he will roast a lamb later that night but my family is waiting for me at home.

On my way back to Putrajaya, I made a stop at Kerdau. Visit a friend who told me she wish her friend visit her more often.

Ramli AR

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


28 Ramadan 1428

Saya mengambil kesempatan untuk mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri kepada pengunjung blog ini. Juga mohon maaf Zahir dan Batin atas segala salah dan silap. Masa yang agak kesuntukan memaksa saya menyepikan blog ini untuk sementara. Seandainya dimurahkan rezeki dan dilanjutkan usia, saya akan aktif semula. Malam ini, saya akan bertolak ke kampung halaman untuk bersama orang tua di sana. Kepada yang di perantauan, semoga kita berjumpa disatu ketika.

Ramli AR