Saturday, August 25, 2007

How was your weekend? - Part II

10 Sha'ban 1428

I Woke up to the sound of cockerel from my communicator at 5.45am. I picked it up and dialed the bus driver's number but failed to reach him. I took my shower and ready for prayer. After the prayer, I tried his number again only to be told that he is already in Kajang and won't come back to Putrajaya just for my parcels. Left me with no other option but to drive to Hentian Kajang and grab the boxes on my own.

I was already in the car when Laili appear at the main door and requested to join me. That was two for the road. Hentian Kajang is the place I am familiar with. The bus driver was waiting for us with the boxes when I arrived. He even help me with the boxes into the car trunk.

On my way back, I stopped at CCP16 to pack some breakfast but all stalls are closed. One owner suggested to me to wait while he get all his things set up in 15 or 20 minutes. Well... 15 minutes is a long time to wait for breakfast.. to me at least. I head home and decided to watch the news of TV.
It was almost nine when Laila woke me up. Her coloring contest start at 9am she remained me. She seems to be ready to go and told me so did her sister and brother. I went to bathroom and wash my face.
"Ayah tak mandi ke?" Laila asked me when I am out.
"No, pumpkin. I already had one earlier this morning." I replied. "and you are in a hurry, aren'tyou?" Laila did not reply and walked downstairs to our car. Laili and Luqman followed with all their weapon (color pencils and other stationery).
Reached CCP16 in a flash but finding parking space another story. I let the kids out first when I saw a man already do the demo in front of the crowd. My instruction was to find the registration table and get sign up. When I finally managed to park my car properly, I joined the the crowd and found out that the contest will only start at 11am. We sat and enjoyed the fried bee hon packed by the organizer for us.
I received a call from a male friend of mine because another (female) friend of mine wanted to talk to me. This female friend wanted to see me as she has a very important matter to discuss. Since she refused to discuss the matter over the phone and her location is quite a distance away, I suggested to her to discuss the matter with my (hers as well) male friend and let me share the information later when he is in town. She agreed to that and the conversation was ended soon after that.
By 11am, the kids had to be separated by group. Luqman in C category 10 to 12. Laila in B category 7 to 9. Laili in A category 4 to 6. I had to stay with Laili. They were given an hour to finish the coloring process. Laili only used 50 minutes and requested to stop. Too tired she said. It is fine with me. She did color the whole drawing anyway. But of course 10 minutes will improve her coloring a lot. I did not asked her to continue. It is just a coloring contest.
An hour went by and the organizer started the luckydraw. None of us won anything from the draw. After the draw, the result was announced and Laili won the 4th place in her category. She is so happy winning RM40. She never won any before this. Usually, Laila is the one who is good at coloring.
My original plan was to go to my office and continue with my long outstanding works. It was changed to going back home for my father in law just arrived from his trip to Syria. He is coming to my place to pickup something his son left for him 2 days ago.
We were only 5 minutes ahead of him. He had his friends with him. My place was a mess but that is no good reason to deny guests. Anyway... these guests were also in a hurry. They only stay for a few minute and insisted to make a move beside my offer to prepare some drink.
Not long after that, my nephew was at the front yard. He came for the fruits his grandfather sent (the boxes I picked up earlier in the morning) last night. I gave him a plastic bag and asked him to take his share. At the same time, I call my sister and brother telling them to come before 5.30 pm for I have to send my father in law to the airport. My brother can't make it and ask my sister to take his share for him.
By 5 pm, my sister and her family show up and I gave everything after I took my share. They didn't stay for long as well. They rushed back for they already have prior arrangement. At about 6pm, we shoot to KLIA. Reached the place half an hour later. Still plenty of time for my inlaw to catch his flight at 7.50pm to KT. No waitingfrom me though. I had to run again as my wife was onthe back from Melaka and she may not has the key withher.
I was home well before Maghreb time but my wife reached home at almost isyak. Again, a light dinner settled us for the night. The kids were ready to goto bed at 10pm when they heard the sound of the fireworks. All of them jumped out of the bed and came down to me. I got the message and hurriedly to the car and off we went to the very same spot as last night. We caught slightly more than a minutes show only. By10.10pm the show was over. The kids a little disappointed.
"Not to worry." my wife said. "There will be a few more shows in the next 2 weeks" trying to put the frustration away and it worked just enough to get them ready for bed again.
Ramli AR

Friday, August 24, 2007

How was your weekend?

9 Sha'ban 1428

Mine...., started up with a breakfast at Community Centre, Precinct 16 (CCP16). The whole family plus 2 of my wife's friends. The 3 are to attend a program in Melaka. They took off at 9.30 in the morning and made me in charge of the family matters for solid 2 days and that is a very hard work.

At about 10 am, I sent my 2 daughters for a story telling class at Precinct 8 Community Centre (CCP8) just to found out that the class actually start at10.30 am. I stayed there for about 10 minutes before decided to leave them with some friends and took off to fulfill a wedding invitation.

On my way to the wedding, I received a call from a female friend who wanted to know the time for the night's fireworks show in Putrajaya. I can't help her much as I am in the dark as well. I promise her to inform the time if it came to my knowledge. It was actually a wedding of my wife's co-worker's daughter but my wife has to be away and there I was representing her. Anyway, En Azmin is no stranger to me. He renewed his cars' insurance with me for 2 yearsnow. I reached at the wedding 5 before 11am atKeramat Permai.

I was the first guest arrived (not considering his close relatives from Kelantan who arrived the previous night or earlier that morning. I sat with them who just finished helping out with the set up. En Azmin was attending to some important matters... I was told.

At 11am plus, the caterer informed that they are ready to serve. En Azmin appeared at about 11.45amand we had a little chat before he asked me to the table together with a few of his relatives from Kelantan.

By noon, I have to be excused, as I have to pick my daughters up from their story telling class. I Reached Precinct 8 in the nick of time but we have to rush to Precinct 16 Community Centre for Laili and her kindergarten's friend are participating in BintangCilik (Singing) competition.

But we have to stop at home first to pick Luqman up. Oh.. yes.. he is at home for never wanted to miss his weekly animation series from 8am to noon. And my nephew is here from Taman Maluri. Instead of asking him to get in, I invited him for lunch at CCP16. Reached CCP16 in no time since it is considered only next door to mine.

I sent Laili to her teacher to be dressed (with a chiongsum) and make up. Ensured she is in good hand, I joint my nephew and his afmily for lunch. Accompany... I meant as I already ate at En Azmin's place. After lunch, they (Laila and Luqman included) wanted to go to Alamanda but I have to stay for Laili.

The competition only started at 2pm (after zohor) and end at 5pm. I have to stay for the whole duration as Laili participate in both categories, choir and nasyid. It worth the wait though, her group won second place for choir and first for nasyid. Laili is happy his dad was there to see her perform for she do not care if she win or not.

By 6pm, I was in my kiosk at Alamanda. I tried to finished up whatever outstanding works only to realized that I can't do that. Not without neglecting my kids.

By 7.30 pm, I decided to take them home. They settled for a light dinner and I allowed them to watchTV soon after. I called a few friends to find out what time is the fireworks show and mostly said 10pm but none can confirm it. I sms back to my female friend and informed her the same thing.

After isyak, we made our way looking for a good spot. After more than half an hour driving around, I met a group of photo enthusiasm. My instinct tells me, that was the place. The bridge next to KBS (Youth and SportMinistry). I safely parked my car at the road side and directed my kids to the walk ways.

"Where is the fireworks?" I ask the photographerswithout specifically pointed to any.

"That bridge." one of them responded pointing to the bridge in front of PICC (Putrajaya Convention Centre) some 500 to 600 meters away.

"This is the best spot after 4 hours of search. We even visit Cyberjaya in our quest." Another one of them added.

I thank them for the information and choose my spot next to them. After roughly 20 minutes wait, the show begun. Immediately I agree with those shooters. I can watch the show and its reflection on the lake's surface. Ohh.. I recorded the whole 20 minutes events.

On the way back, I received a call from my father. He sent two boxes of fruits by bus and ask me to pick them up tomorrow morning. He sms the driver's handphone number slightly later. Upon reaching home, I sent the kids to bed. For that, Laili required a bottle of 456. Without it, going to bed would be difficult for her. Especially when sucking her thumb is no longer permitted (she still doing it in her sleep).

By 11pm, all of them were asleep (that was what I thought). I went to my kitchen and prepared some mee 'rendam' (maggi instant noodle) as there were no real dinner for me earlier. As I was enjoying my mee 'rendam', Laila shows up on the stairway and asked me what am I eating.

"Something not good for you." my answer to her. That did not stop her from coming to me and asked for some. I did not refused her. I let her have some. That was when Laili came down and complaining about us (I and Laila) having maggi without asking her to join. I told them that is the whole purpose. For me to have maggi without them. I even repeat the phase "maggi is not good for you".

Well.. they only back to bed after the bowl was empty. It was almost midnight and that is way passed Laila's bedtime. It is normal for Laili though. Sometimes, I felt to sleep before she does.

Ramli AR